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5 Ways Technology Can Boost Productivity

5 Ways Technology Can Boost Productivity

The influx of a digital era has opened up an array of opportunities for us. Instead of wasting time and energies on lengthy processes, we have technology to carry out those tasks in lesser time without the bane of getting exhausted. Smart people are proactively excavating maximum benefit from these technological advances to get twice the amount of work done in the same time as before! If you’re a little backward when it comes to technology, read these 5 useful ways in which the latest gadgets and techniques can help boost your workplace productivity.

1.    Use Document Scanning

Paper documents are a hassle in the workplace! They are inept by nature as it takes ages to rummage through files, wasting time and delaying important tasks. A more hassle-free way to keep your documents is through the process of Document scanning. Document scanning allows you to convert all your paper files into searchable digital text. This will render it easier for you to locate documents without endlessly searching through files and folders, saving time and storage costs and in effect, boosting productivity.

2.    Cloud Storage

Ditch intensive labour in favour of automation.  Store all your paper documents online so that you can retrieve them easily from anywhere in the world. Even if you’re out of town, you’re able to track your files and make any urgent changes without being present in the vicinity. This ensures a smooth flow of organizational processes. Moreover, it allows you to boost organizational efficiency by assigning employees to other more important tasks. With minimal human intervention, there is a reduced chance of human error and remedial action later that would only waste more time, hampering productivity.

3.    Allow Work from Home

We operate in an advanced era where certain softwares allow employees to work from home under extreme circumstances. If your employee is unable to come to work due to a broken leg or some other grave issue, they can always contribute form home. Not only will this save the amount of work that an employee does in a day, it ensures that organizational processes are not interrupted when a person playing a crucial role in a project cannot come to work physically.

4.    Video Conference

As we established in the previous post, meetings actually waste a considerable amount of time, taking away from workplace productivity. A great way to curtail this problem when a meeting is essential is to have a video conference. When employees are designated at different branches of a company, holding a meeting at one place would require the other employees to waste time on travelling the distance to reach the destination and then going back to resume work. A video conference is simper, saves time and allows the employee to continue working immediately after, maintaining organizational efficiency.

5.    Official WhatsApp Groups

Although work talk after official hours should never be encouraged, a work group on a widely used platform can enhance accord and friendliness among employees. Workplace satisfaction is imperative to workplace productivity. In order to keep that going, try to share interesting images, motivational quotes and plans for occasional official lunches on your work group where everyone feels involved and included. This would help nurture a feeling of positivity and harmony, consequently enhancing productivity at work.

Employers should try these simple tips to leverage technology to boost workplace productivity.


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