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5 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

5 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

‘So much to do, so little time’. Do you often find yourself a victim of this? Productivity is the single most important thing that establishes your value to the organization you work for. Contrary to what our employers would like to believe, we are merely humans and reach the brim of our capacity in a matter of a few hours. Sleepless nights, a bad cup of coffee, problems at home and a difficult environment are some of the factors that contribute to mitigating workplace productivity.

In order to increase the rate at which we perform to win the boss’s approval, we have a list of 5 tried and tested tips for you!

#1 Take Breaks

Yes, you read that right, but let us explain our reasoning behind this apparent indulgence. What employees need to understand is that productivity is not a measure of the number of hours you spend behind your desk. It is actually the amount of work you get done in those hours. What’s the point of remaining glued to your chair when you can’t perform any fruitful task? In fact, spending 8-10 hours at your desk actually reduces your energy levels! Take a break for 5- 10 minutes, enjoy a gulp of fresh air and then carry on with renewed energy.

 #2 Avoid Multitasking

Contrary to popular belief, multitasking actually impedes productivity. Instead of trying to oscillate between numerous complex tasks at work, try to tackle one at a time, and give it your 100% to avoid the need for remedial action later on. This will save you time and boost efficiency.

#3 Say No to Unnecessary Meetings

Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you’re getting work done! Did you know? Employees waste an average of 31 hours in unproductive meetings in a month? Before you attend the next meeting in which you’re most likely going to just day dream, think if it’s going to contribute to your productivity in any way. If not, turn it down.

#4 Get Sufficient Sleep

How many times have you found yourself dozing off at work because you were up late night scanning your newsfeed? Never skimp out on sleep thinking you’ll glide though work the next day. In a survey, 70% of 1000 randomly chosen employees admitted to nodding off at work. Get sufficient sleep because without it, even a kickass cup of coffee won’t be able to save you!

 #5 Avoid Social Media

How many times have you found yourself extending a 2 minute break to half an hour because you were waiting for a Snapchat story to load or a Facebook post caught your attention? While social media brought an array of advantages, it also brought its share of disadvantages. Social media has found to be a serious distraction at work, with 90% of employees admitting to using it during work hours. Try to shut down notifications from these apps for the time you’re at work. It will save you from a significant distraction.

If you’re eagerly awaiting the next appraisal meeting, try following these tips to enhance your productivity at work!

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